OMNIPOL was founded in October 1934 as trading company focusing mainly on barter operations related to export of products manufactured by the Škodovy závody (Skoda Works) trust in Pilsen. An extensive network of representations abroad operating in more than 60 countries of all continents successfully traded at the end of the 1930´s also in other commodities of a quickly developing Czechoslovak economy. The World War II interrupted the activities of the company and after a short restart after the war and subsequent reduction at the end of the 1940´s, their continuing revival began in the second half of the 1950´s when the world-known trade mark has been brought back to life. The new business activities of the company were concentrated on export and import of all commodities of the emerging civil aerospace industry and air traffic equipment as well as hunting and sporting rifles. Consecutively OMNIPOL was also authorized by the government to perform state-controlled deals with defence and security systems. Since the beginning of 1990´s the scope of business has been progressively extending with the essential part currently being export and import of defence and aerospace systems and equipment, export of food processing and mechanical engineering equipment and technologies, financial leasing of vehicles and technological equipment, financing of construction of biogas facilities and environment-related projects etc.

Seventy five years of experience and professional workmanship and know-how enable OMNIPOL to be a reliable business partner for several dozens companies from the Czech Republic representing their commercial interests on international markets. OMNIPOL is traditional supplier of high-quality defence, police and public security related products and services to government agencies and contractors abroad, OMNIPOL is also a long-term independent partner to the Czech Army, Air Force and Police and is involved in many of their purchase and modernisation programmes.

OMNIPOL is one of the founding members of the Association of the Defence and Security Industry of the Czech Republic (AOBP). The company is further a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, Mixed Chamber of Commerce „East“, Czech-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Czech-Arab Business Council as well as a registered supplier for NAMSA – NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency.