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Brazil: A story full of adventure and unexpected twists
Brazil: A story full of adventure and unexpected twists


Change of plan and first few days in Latin America

How did the whole journey begin? Everything started with an accepted invitation to an important air show in Buenos Aires, scheduled for the end of 1958. The fair was to become the gateway for the Czechoslovak aviation industry trying to expand into new, exotic markets, which South America undoubtedly was at that time. OMNIPOL was supposed to present L-40, L-60 and Z-226 aircraft. They were chosen because they had already proven their quality with both domestic and foreign customers, and it was expected that they would shine at the exhibition and attract more buyers.
2. July 2024

With Czechoslovak Aircraft on the other side of the world

Experience a legendary adventure in South America! In the 1950s, under the leadership of the company Foreign Trade Enterprise (FTE) OMNIPOL, a famous trip across Latin America took place, which has had no parallel before or since. During this expedition, the pride of the Czechoslovak aviation industry was presented to the local audience. Even after many decades, it is a unique event that raised awareness of our country and capabilities in faraway places. During it’s six-month duration, there was no shortage of interesting meetings, but also nerve-wracking situations both on the ground and in the air, including dramatic flights over the Cordilleras and a tragic crash in São Paulo that claimed the life of one of the pilots.
25. June 2024

L 410 NG heading to Senegal

March 25th 2024 – The L 410 NG has a new African customer. It is Senegal, which has ordered a total of five aircraft, with the first two already departing today. This is an important milestone for the OMNIPOL Group and it’s Czech based daughter company Aircraft Industries, in the town of Kunovice, where the aircraft is manufactured from scratch.
25. March 2024

OMNIPOL partner of the conference "25 years of the Czech Republic in NATO"

March 12, 2024 - The OMNIPOL Group of companies was a partner to the very significant conference, held in Prague, on the 12th of March. “25 years of the Czech Republic in NATO - Our Security Cannot Be Taken for Granted". The importance of this conference confirmed by the participation of former US President Bill Clinton, who was President when the Czech Republic joined NATO.
12. March 2024

OMNIPOL sponsors the „Aviation Athlete of the Year 2023“ event

The Omnipol Industrial Group was a very proud sponsor of the Aviation Athlete of the Year 2023 event. Jiří Podpěra, President of the Omnipol Group participated at the awards ceremony, which took place on Saturday, February 24, at a theatre in the Czech town of Ústí nad Labem. At the gala evening, he spoke with the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, and also with the Czech Air Force Commander Major General Petr Cepelka.
29. February 2024

Singapore airshow in pictures

The Singapore Airshow, where the OMNIPOL Group was present, with it’s L 410 NG commuter aircraft, from Czech daughter company Aircraft Industries and our Czech partner Aero Vodochody, is now behind us. We held several successful meetings, and we also welcomed a lot of important delegations to the stand.
28. February 2024

The L 410 NG aircraft took off for the Singapore Airshow

February 12, 2024 - Another international exhibition is upon us. This time, along with the L 410 NG aircraft, we will be presenting at the Singapore Airshow, which takes place from February the 20th to the 25th. The L 410 NG, produced by our Czech based, daughter company Aircraft Industries, headed to the exhibition already on Sunday. It has an 11,387-kilometer journey ahead of it.
12. February 2024
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