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A great success for the L 410 NG
A great success for the L 410 NG


A great success for the L 410 NG

Tajik Chorog, is one of the three most difficult places in the world to land. It is not possible to land using instruments, due to the absence of ILS, but only by the human eye. There is also changeable weather, unfavorable terrain, mountains reaching to a height of over 6000meters, and across the river, over which the entire flight takes place, is the border with Afghanistan.
1. March 2023

AERO India in full swing

This week, the AERO India air show is taking place at the air base in Bengaluru, where the Omnipol group is represented by representatives of OMNIPOL and Aircraft Industries. And they certainly have no shortage of visitors at the stand.
15. February 2023

The film Good Old Czech won an award!

The film Good Old Czechs, of which we are a proud partner, won the main Trilobit prize, awarded to it’s creators by the Czech Film and Television Union FITES. The documentary tells the true story about, World War 2, Czechoslovak RAF pilots.
23. January 2023
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