2. February 2023

The CEO of the ERA subsidiary was elected to the ALKP board of directors

The CEO of the ERA subsidiary was elected to the ALKP board of directors
For the first time, a representative of the ground segment of aviation technology is, heading to the board of the, Association of the Aviation and Space Industry (ALKP). The leadership of, the largest industry association in the Czech Republic, will be strengthened by ERA CEO Ondřej Chlost.

The nine-member ALKP Board of Directors will, set the pace of the Association's direction for, the next three years. ERA joins the company of Czech captains of the aviation industry. Other members of the Board include, representatives from Aero Vodochody, Aircraft Industries, LOM Prague, Research and Testing Institute (VZLÚ), PBS Velká Bíteš, Jihostroje, Honeywell International and Czech Aircraft Group.


With the accession of ERA, ALKP gained a member, which expands the portfolio of classic manufacturers of aviation technology (aircraft and their components) with, a company bringing technological overlap in related fields. ERA develops and manufactures systems for monitoring and controlling air traffic and thus increases the safety of aircraft movement in the air and on the ground. ERA trades all over the world, and its experience will undoubtedly be beneficial for other ALKP members who would like to penetrate more into foreign markets.


"ERA has a unique worldwide position in the field of radar technology, I am convinced that, we will be able to start promising multi-sector projects. We are therefore, sending a signal to the ALKP about the expansion of the categories of industry, which we want to capture, more comprehensively. The production of member companies, covers the entire sky, we are now moving towards a linked industry offering, which will also include solutions for monitoring and controlling air traffic," said Josef Kašpar, president of ALKP.


ERA also hopes for, better synergy with colleagues from aviation companies coming from, cooperation within the Association. A greater connection between, research and development with the production sector will also be beneficial, thanks to the participation of institutions such as VZLÚ.

"We have experience in, cooperation with aircraft manufacturers, such as Aero Vodochody and Aircraft Industries thanks to our joint involvement in the OMNIPOL Group. We are now looking forward to, working with others within the Association to get, our systems directly on board various aircraft platforms. We have already started one promising project, but I don't want to get ahead of it," said new ALKP board member and ERA CEO Ondřej Chlost.


The Aviation and Space Industry Association of the Czech Republic is, a successor organization that, was created by the merger of two previous professional associations in aviation: the Aviation Manufacturers Association (ALV), of which ERA became a member two years ago, and the Czech Aviation Industry Association. ALKP is now represented by, 53 members with more than 10,000 employees and, a total turnover of almost 40 billion crowns. The biggest players in the industry, technological innovators, manufacturers of final products and producers of components for the aerospace industry have set themselves the goal of, building a strong industry community on the ALKP floor plan. The association intends to, promote the application of the know-how of it’s members in, civil and defense applications, including involvement in important international projects. The flagship is a project of industrial cooperation with the American company Lockheed Martin, manufacturer of F-35 fighter jets.

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