4. December 2023

Defense Minister of Ethiopia visited the OMNIPOL Group

Defense Minister of Ethiopia visited the OMNIPOL Group
December 1st, 2023 – The Industrial Group OMNIPOL welcomed a very significant visit from Ethiopia. Earlier this week, our representatives met with the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abyi Ahmed at Aero Vodochody, where we are the strategic partner, also holding a minority stake.

In the days following the Prime Ministers visit, we were also visited by, the  Ethiopian Defense Minister Abraham Belay. He visited us in Prague and then toured our daughter companies, including Aircraft Industries, MESIT, ERA, and Aero Vodochody.


The Ethiopian government officials arrived to see us, shortly after Omnipol Group President Jiří Podpěra visited Ethiopia, as part of a Czech business delegation accompanying Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala on his African tour. Omnipol has longstanding relations with Ethiopia, for example, carrying out the modernization of the Ethiopian L-39 aircraft, including in country support.


Both visits were successful. Prime Minister Abyi Ahmed toured the production facilities at Aero and, expressed interest in the new L-39NG aircraft.


The visit of the Defense Minister Abraham Belay to our daughter companies, accompanied by Czech Ambassador Miroslav Koska in Addis Ababa, was also fruitful. In our Aircraft Industries facility in Kunovice, he inspected the production and, learned more about the capability of our L410NG aircraft. This is the latest version of, the iconic L410 family of aircraft. A demonstration flight over Uherské Hradiště was also part of the program.


Pardubice-based ERA informed, the Ethiopian Prime Minister about it’s latest news. Uherste Hradiste based MESIT, provided information about their tactical communication systems, intercoms, and headsets during the visit.


The Omnipol Group highly values, the visit by both of these  VIP guests.

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