20. December 2023

OMNIPOL with the L410 NG at an event in Romania

OMNIPOL with the L410 NG at an event in Romania
December 18 - Representatives of the OMNIPOL Group and it’s daughter company Aircraft Industries, led by Deputy Sales Director for CEE and CIS Michal Jágrik, landed our passenger aircraft the L 410 NG in Romania on Tuesday the 12th of December.

 After several weeks of intensive preparations, an event was organized called "Day with L 410NG ”. As part of the event, the aircraft was showcased at Brasov airport on Wednesday the 13th and presented in the capital, Bucharest, on Thursday the 14th.


The aircraft received significant positive attention.Important guests ranging from local politicians, the Chamber of Commerce, the Romanian Air Force and representatives from the Regional Governments came to see the aircraft. There were also several demonstration flights organized at the airports.


During the event, our Group's representatives presented the aircraft as being very robust and reliable, highlighting its capability to operate even in challenging weather conditions.


Romanian media were present at the events as well. For instance, the local Luba server - quoting a representative of our Group – wrote that the aircraft has low operating and maintenance costs compared to other competing aircraft. The server also emphasized its Garmin avionics.


"The OMNIPOL representatives invited conference participants to a demonstration flight around the capital. This showcased, not only the quietness of the engines but, also the aircrafts stability when performing turns in flight due to its excellent aerodynamic and structural features” wrote the server.


This highly successful event has opened the local market to the Omnipol Group. In recent months, there has been intense discussion in Romania about strengthening and developing air transport infrastructure.

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