10. May 2023

The film Good Old Czechs is gathering success and is about to hit the screens

The film Good Old Czechs is gathering success and is about to hit the screens
The film Good Old Czechs, of which we are a partner, was seen by more than seven thousand viewers in Czech cinemas. Many schools followed up the screening of the film with a lesson using supplementary educational materials.

The documentary Good Old Czechs was successfully screened at the International Festival of Documentary Films Ji.hlava, at the International Festival of Independent Cinema in Buenos Aires (BAFICI), screenings also took place in Australia, Great Britain and Germany.


The film won a number of important awards and nominations. The Czech film and television association FITES awarded the documentary Good Old Czechs with the TRILOBIT Barrandien 2023 main prize for an extraordinary audiovisual work, the film won the Czech Film Critics Award 2022 in the Audiovisual Achievement category and the ASSOCIATION OF CZECH CAMERAMAN'S Award for a cinematographically beneficial work. The film Good Old Czechs was nominated for the prestigious Czech Lion 2022 award of the Czech Film and Television Academy, it was nominated in two categories – Best Documentary Film and Best Editing.


The documentary is now moving to TV screens. On Czech Television, Good Old Czechs will be broadcast in its television premiere on 16.5.2023 at 21:40 on the ČT2 program and then on 17.05.2023 at 17:07 also on ČT2. Along with this, Czech Television will subsequently provide schools with another opportunity to work with the film through the educational portal CT edu.

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