9. November 2023

L 410 NG departed. The Dubai Airshow is starting for us

L 410 NG departed. The Dubai Airshow is starting for us
The L 410 NG departed from the Czech town of Kunovice, on Thursday the 9th of November, at half past seven in the morning for Dubai, where the Dubai Airshow is set to start on Monday, November 13th. The OMNIPOL Group, with it’s wholly owned daughter companies Aircraft Industries, ERA, MESIT and it’s partner company Aero Vodochody will all be presenting their products in Dubai. This year it will be, on a shared stand of Czech companies, under the patronage of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Czech Ministry of Defense.


The L 410 NG - starting with the early morning Thursday departure, faces a sixteen hour journey to, Dubai the largest city in the United Arab Emirates.


The journey will cover 5020 kilometers, with planned stops in Greece, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The aircraft will be airborne for a total of 16 hours. Once in Dubai it, will be presented and remain on the stand, for the duration of the Airshow.   


As for the cost of presenting the L 410 NG at the Dubai Airshow, it will cost, approximately 2.5 million Czech crowns. However, the presentation of the aircraft at a prestigious worldwide event like the Dubai Airshow is, very important not only for the OMNIPOL Group, but also for the entire Czech aviation industry, much of which is involved in the development and production of this aircraft.


"Two years ago, at the Dubai Airshow, we signed a strategic partnership agreement with the owner of Aircraft Industries. The Agreement related to Omnipol’s role, in selected world markets, on behalf of Aircraft Industries. At that time, however, we had no idea that, we would be going to this event in the jersey of the 100% shareholder," confirms Jiří Podpěra, president of the OMNIPOL Group.


And he adds: "We have a unique multi-purpose aircraft, and we are, in fact, the only country in the European Union ( EU ) capable of, developing and manufacturing a nineteen-seat turboprop aircraft with a wide range of applications in regional transport and security."


The Dubai Airshow is one of the largest aviation exhibitions in the world, where top players in the aviation and aerospace industry meet. In terms of numbers, this is the 18th edition of the Dubai show and it will feature over 1400 exhibitors and 180 showcased aircraft (including the Czech passenger aircraft L 410 NG). There will also be 20 national pavilions and 390 military and civilian delegations in attendance.

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