22. November 2023

ERA ranks among the most valuable Czech companies

ERA ranks among the most valuable Czech companies
The Omnipol Groups daughter company, ERA, based in Pardubice, has achieved success in the 2023 ranking of the most valuable Czech companies. ERA secured a notable 49th position, with an estimated value of 6.4 billion Czech crowns.

The 2023 list of, the most valuable companies was compiled by, Seznam News in collaboration with Deloitte. Individual companies were prioritized in the ranking, over entire groups. The final result is based on, the estimated price at which the companies could be sold or bought.


Our subsidiary ERA specializes in, the production of passive surveillance systems, for both military and commercial customers. This includes air traffic management systems, as well as the see without being seen technology provided by the VERA NG and PLESS. 


Since joining the Omnipol Group in 2011, ERA has installed over 160 of it’s systems in more than 67 countries across five continents.



(Source of the photograph: Seznam News)


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