12. March 2024

OMNIPOL partner of the conference "25 years of the Czech Republic in NATO"

OMNIPOL partner of the conference "25 years of the Czech Republic in NATO"
March 12, 2024 - The OMNIPOL Group of companies was a partner to the very significant conference, held in Prague, on the 12th of March. “25 years of the Czech Republic in NATO - Our Security Cannot Be Taken for Granted". The importance of this conference confirmed by the participation of former US President Bill Clinton, who was President when the Czech Republic joined NATO.

It is the eleventh year of this conference. It was held in the historically important, Spanish Hall of Prague Castle. To mark the very important, 25th anniversary of the entry of the Czech Republic into North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ).


"We are honoured to be a partner in this very important conference. It opens up and requires discussion of key security topics that were taken for granted until recently before the war broke out in Ukraine," says the group's president, Jiří Podpěra.


And he adds: "The topics discussed at the conference, such as a strong NATO alliance, support for the development of the domestic and European defence industry and the strengthening of our defence capabilities, are very important at this time. Therefore, they require special attention."


The event was attended by former US President Bill Clinton, former NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, Czech President Petr Pavel, Minister of Defence Jana Černochová, Minister Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský and Interior Minister Vít Rakušan.


NATO Alliance military fighter jets also participated in the celebrations, reminding of this important security milestone by flying over Prague. Six fighter jets flew along the Vltava River, passing over the Charles Bridge at 10:30.


Our group was represented at the event by president Jiří Podpěra and director of marketing and communication Marika Přinosilová.


photos: Ondřej Charvát a Marika Přinosilová

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