12. February 2024

The L 410 NG aircraft took off for the Singapore Airshow

The L 410 NG aircraft took off for the Singapore Airshow
February 12, 2024 - Another international exhibition is upon us. This time, along with the L 410 NG aircraft, we will be presenting at the Singapore Airshow, which takes place from February the 20th to the 25th. The L 410 NG, produced by our Czech based, daughter company Aircraft Industries, headed to the exhibition already on Sunday. It has an 11,387-kilometer journey ahead of it.

The Singapore Airshow is one of the largest air shows in Asia. It is attended by dozens of exhibitors, government delegations and military representatives, as well as members of the public. It is held every two years.


Our OMNIPOL Group will also be present this year. In Singapore, we will be presenting at the stand of Czech companies together with company Aircraft Industries and Aero Vodochody. And our L 410 NG will be showcased at the airport, throughout the Airshow, in all of it’s glory.


The passenger aircraft L 410 NG flew to Singapore from, the Czech town of Kunovice, on Sunday morning and now makes a five-day journey halfway around the world. Layovers are planned in Crete, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India and Thailand. Arrival at Singapore Airport is scheduled for the early morning hours of Friday the 16th of February. Our Pilots will spend over 34 hours in the cockpit.


„It is one of the farthest destinations we have traveled to, with this aircraft since the acquisition, by Omnipol in 2022 of Aircraft Industries. But we already have experience from the Dubai Airshow, where we successfully presented the aircraft last year,” says Jiří Podpěra, the Omnipol Group’s President.


And he adds: „This aircraft is proof not only of, the technological maturity of the Aircraft Industries company, but also of the other 617 Czech companies involved in it’s production. Moreover, it is also a very good business card of the entire Czech aviation industry."


The L 410 NG is an all-metal, high-wing turboprop aircraft that is, exceptionally reliable and safe to operate even in extreme climatic conditions. Since 1969, more than 1,200 L 410 aircraft have been manufactured, and are used in 60 countries across five continents.

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