28. February 2024

Singapore airshow in pictures

Singapore airshow in pictures
The Singapore Airshow, where the OMNIPOL Group was present, with it’s L 410 NG commuter aircraft, from Czech daughter company Aircraft Industries and our Czech partner Aero Vodochody, is now behind us. We held several successful meetings, and we also welcomed a lot of important delegations to the stand.
The exhibition was a great benefit to the Omnipol Group. "We believe that, the L 410 NG aircraft has unquestionable market potential in Asia. Therefore, we consider the Singapore Airshow to be this year's most important foreign aviation event for us " says OMNIPOL Group President Jiří Podpěra.
OMNIPOL’s Group products left a significant mark on the event. The stand of Czech companies was dominated by, our partner Aerovodochody’s model of the L - 39NG. On the outside stand we proudly exhibited the L410NG, manufactured in the Czech Republic by our daughter company Aircraft Industries. The L 410 NG aircraft made the journey of 11,000 kilometers, without a hitch, from the Czech town of Kunovice to Singapore!
The Singapore Airshow had a record attendance this year. The business days, which took place from February the 20th to the 23rd 2024 attracted 60,000 people, and the weekend open to the public was also sold out. Additionally, the organizers announced a ten percent increase in attendance compared to the previous record year in 2018.
How was the Singapore Airshow? Look at the photos.

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