30. November 2023

L-410 Aircraft in the Service of the Czech Republic Army

L-410 Aircraft in the Service of the Czech Republic Army
November 29, 2023 – Aircraft Industries, part of the OMNIPOL industrial Group, handed over two L 410 aircraft after comprehensive modernization and maintenance to our customer – the Army of the Czech Republic. As a Czech Group of companies, we are pleased that our L 410 aircraft, manufactured entirely at the Kunovice plant, is flying not only alongside European armies but also under the Czech flag.

"The completed maintenance of the L 410 aircraft is proof of our expertise and professionalism. We are proud that, we can contribute to the optimal condition and capabilities of the aircraft serving in the Army of the Czech Republic," said Ilona Plšková, the CEO of Aircraft Industries.


Currently, there are six L410 aircraft in the service of the Czech army, the first two of which have been in use since 1985. Our daughter companny, Aircraft Industries, regularly takes care of them in its maintenance organization. In recent months, this organization has been busy with the modernization and maintenance of the military aircraft L410 UVP-E20 and L 410 FG. Both are now back in the hands of the Czech Army.


The first of these aircraft, designated as L 410 UVP-E20 with serial number 912710, left our runway on Friday, November the 10th. Manufactured in 1992, this aircraft underwent a program known as the Aging Program. A thorough inspection after 24 months included, the installation of modern LED taxi and landing lights. The interior of this aircraft is in the VIP configuration and features a light beige colour scheme.


The second aircraft, with serial number 851525, underwent an extensive R2 overhaul and took off on Wednesday the 29th of November. Manufactured in 1985, it now sports a new matte camouflage paint and is equipped with upgraded navigation equipment. During maintenance, additional modifications and changes were made according to specific customer requirements. This included the mentioned R2 overhaul, P4, R2 defectoscopy, 48-month work, 1800 landings work, Aging Program, compensation, levelling, rudder balancing, measurement of all avionics, stamping, and evaluation of the crash recorder.


A significant feature of the L 410 FG is its specialization in terrain photogrammetry. The aircraft is equipped with the CCNS-5 system for flight control during mapping. Additionally, it features a camera system from Leica.


Even though both aircraft are more than thirty years old, they continue to serve their purposes very well. "This is evidence that our aircraft are truly durable and operational for a very long time," stated Director Plšková.


And she adds: "Nevertheless, we do not rest on our laurels and we continue to modernize. Currently, the latest version is the L 410 NG. It is a modification with improved flight parameters, operational characteristics, modern technologies, and innovative avionics. The L 410 NG is an excellent choice for the modernization of fleets using older technologies."


The L 410 aircraft are known for their versatility and adaptability. These features, which are important for the military, allow the L 410 to be used very effectively in different situations and under different conditions, whether for aerial reconnaissance, troop or supply transport, aircraft from Aircraft Industries provide a reliable and versatile tool to meet a variety of requirements.


Another advantage of domestically manufactured aircraft is that, their operation reduces the army's dependence on foreign technologies and suppliers. In practice, this provides greater control over maintenance and modernization. This independence represents a strategic benefit that enhances the overall security of the Czech Republic.


The L 410 aircraft are products of Czech engineering and the aviation industry. This domestic production presents an excellent opportunity to strengthen the economy and create jobs in the Czech Republic. At the same time, it demonstrates that the Czech aviation industry rightfully achieves global recognition, showcasing local production as a global success.


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