6. November 2023

The OMNIPOL Group was part of Prime Minister Fiala's business mission to Africa

The OMNIPOL Group was part of Prime Minister Fiala's business mission to Africa
The OMNIPOL Group is a part of Prime Minister Petr Fiala's business mission on a journey through Africa. Specifically, President Jiří Podpěra and Chairman of the Board Jozef Piga are participating in it. The first stop was Ethiopia, where our President met with local representatives over the weekend. Among them was General Lieutenant Yilma Merdassa, the commander of the Ethiopian Air Force.

The OMNIPOL Group is engaged in various activities in Ethipia, including the modernization of their L-39 aircraft, supplying aviation simulators and participating in pilot training. This is why President Jiří Podpěra presented a model of the L-39 aircraft in Ethiopian national colors to the Ait Force Commander, General Merdassa.


During the visit to Ethiopia, significant meetings took place, and a business forum was held. The delegation, led by the Prime Minister, also visited several important locations. One of them was the Bishop Air Base, where Prime Minister Petr Fiala even tried a simulator of the training aircraft L-39.


"I also met with OMNIPOL Group employees at the Bishop Air Base. It's good that they operate here and promote the good name of the Czech Republic. I had the opportunity to try the L-39 simulator, and I must say it was quite an intense experience," commented the Prime Minister.


The next stop was Kenya, where a Czech Government Aircraft carrying the business delegation landed in the capital, Nairobi, on Sunday evening.


L 410 NG is making its way to Africa

Thanks to its journey to Africa, the OMNIPOL Group has already achieved some initial success. The new generation of the L 410 civil aircraft, produced by Aircraft Industries in the Czech city of in Kunovice, is slowly making its way to Africa. Jiří Podpěra, the President of the company, met in Ethiopia with the Director of Civil Aviation, Getachew Mengiste, and introduced him to the features of our L 410 NG. Following a friendly discussion, our president Jiří Podpěra invited Mengiste to the Airshow in Dubai, where the OMNIPOL Group will be presenting and featuring the L 410 NG.


Getachew Mengiste, the Ethiopian director of Civil Aviation, happily accepted President Jiří Podpěra's invitation to meet once again in the Dubai Airshow.


At the Dubai Airshow, the OMNIPOL Group, along with our daughter companies ERA, MESIT, Aircraft Industries, and AERO Vodochody Aerospace, will be showcasing their products at the Czech booth under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade and Czech the Ministry of Defense.


(Source of photographs: Czech Government Office)

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