29. February 2024

OMNIPOL sponsors the „Aviation Athlete of the Year 2023“ event

OMNIPOL sponsors the „Aviation Athlete of the Year 2023“ event
The Omnipol Industrial Group was a very proud sponsor of the Aviation Athlete of the Year 2023 event. Jiří Podpěra, President of the Omnipol Group participated at the awards ceremony, which took place on Saturday, February 24, at a theatre in the Czech town of Ústí nad Labem. At the gala evening, he spoke with the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, and also with the Czech Air Force Commander Major General Petr Cepelka.

The main goal of the event was to, elevate the not very well-known aviation sport, in the Czech Republic to the international level. "Being a sponsor of an event where, the achievements of the best Czech aviation athletes are recognized is, a great opportunity for the Omnipol Group to support aviation-related sport activities. It has a strong tradition and an unquestionable place in our country," says the president of the Omnipol Group, Jiří Podpěra.


Other important guests attending the gala evening included, Member of the European Parliament Alexandr Vondra, also Jan Klas General Director of Czech Air Traffic Control.


The winners of the "Aviation Athlete of the Year 2023" competition were decided by secret ballot by a twelve-member jury. The winner was Alena Netušilová, who in the past year already claimed the second title of world champion in the sailing category.


The second place was taken by the team of aviation acrobats Tomáš Michálek, Jan Adam and Marek Veselý. These three young pilots,  dominated the world championship in the category of, non-motorized flying. A team of parachutists Lenka Buršová, Daniela Macichová, Blanka Vojtková, Michaela Mynářová, Andrea Novotná and Andrea Funková took the third place.

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