20. July 2023

OMNIPOL also celebrates success in other Central Asian countries

OMNIPOL also celebrates success in other Central Asian countries
On Saturday, July 15, a brand new one successfully landed at the international airport in Tashkent, Uzbekistan L 410 UVP-E20 aircraft for Uzbekistan Airways, the largest national carrier in the region. It's about the first piece of two that the Uzbek side ordered from the OMNIPOL company and whose manufacturer it is a subsidiary of Aircraft Industries.

The aircraft will serve passengers on commercial domestic routes and was purchased under

program for the development of the local transport infrastructure. A second aircraft of the same type will be within the given of the OMNIPOL group contract delivered to the Uzbek airline in September of this year.


Professional implementation a a very prestigious customer will contribute to spreading the good name of Aircraft Industries production throughout the region Central Asia.


The protocol on the final acceptance of the first aircraft was signed by Mgr. Michal Jágrik on the occasion his trip to the territory as part of a business mission led by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Ing. Jozef Síkela. The delegation visited and held meetings in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan for three days.


Uzbekistan has long been an important business partner for the OMNIPOL group.

We have already modernized six pieces of L-39 training aircraft belonging to the local Air Force, they modernized six airports and recently signed the already mentioned contract for the supply of the first ones of two L 410 UVP - E20 airplanes for Uzbekistan Airways. In Tajikistan, the work of the OMNIPOL group is developing successfully. Currently, projects in the fields of aviation and radio communication have great potential here.


Business missions have a significant impact on building international relations and promoting good names of Czech companies in the world. Members of the delegation had the opportunity to meet with top officials individual states and discuss with them the possibilities of mutual bilateral trade cooperation.

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