1. March 2023

A great success for the L 410 NG

A great success for the L 410 NG
Tajik Chorog, is one of the three most difficult places in the world to land. It is not possible to land using instruments, due to the absence of ILS, but only by the human eye. There is also changeable weather, unfavorable terrain, mountains reaching to a height of over 6000meters, and across the river, over which the entire flight takes place, is the border with Afghanistan.

For the reasons above, it is almost ten years, since there were commercial flights between, Dushanbe and Chorog. Previously, the route was serviced by old Soviet An-28 aircraft, but their technical life has already expired. Instead of 58 minutes by air, all transport connections took up to 14 hours by car!


As part of demonstrating the capabilities of the L 410 NG aircraft, in the territory, the management of the OMNIPOL group decided to, conduct this very flight on the 28th of February 2023.

The successful Completion of this flight, by the Omnipol Group, gained a huge positive response, not only from local residents, but especially from the highest government representatives of, this small Central Asian state. "The restoration of the Khorog-Dushanbe air route will facilitate the movement of residents and significantly help the development of the entire region,"  said the Governor of the Upper Badakhshan Autonomous Region, Mirzonabot Alisher Khudoberdi.


Chorog is a university town, many Tajiks working in the city have their families here, and also Chorog is a very popular tourist destination. Therefore, the resumption of regular flights would mean, a significant step forward in the restoration of domestic air transport and the development of infrastructure, which is currently, one of the priorities of the Tajik government.

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